No wallet at the ATM?


Sometimes, we still need cash to pay for things. So when you’re at the ATM but your wallet is nowhere to be found, there’s nothing you can do, right?

Not anymore

Now you can access any Australian ANZ ATM using your digital wallet with an eligible ANZ Visa card.Superscript 1

How does this work?

It's as simple as

  1. 1

    Open your digital wallet and select your ANZ Visa cardSuperscript 1

  2. 2

    Tap your device at the ATM contactless symbol

  3. 3

    Enter your PIN. Done!

How do i get started?

You’ll need an eligible ANZ Visa cardSuperscript 1 on a digital wallet to use this feature. Find out here which digital wallet is compatible with your device.



  1. For eligible ANZ credit cards, withdrawals from an Australian ANZ ATM using a digital wallet will attract interest, and you may also have to pay a Cash Advance Fee. For a full list of transactions that are considered to be a ‘cash advance’, please refer to the ANZ Credit Card Conditions of Use (PDF 372kB). If you’re planning to make a cash advance using an eligible ANZ credit card with a digital wallet, please check the relevant interest rate and fees first.See the full list of eligible ANZ Visa cards available for use with your digital wallet: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay.