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How to Set Up ANZ Mobile Pay

Download the ANZ Mobile Pay app on Google Play.

  1. 1

    Open the app and accept the ANZ Mobile Pay Terms & Conditions. Next tap 'Add a card' to add your eligible ANZ card.

  2. 2

    Hold the ANZ card to the back of your phone to detect the card.

  3. 3

    Enter your date of birth.

  4. 4

    Set your passcode for the app and enter the number of the mobile you're registering it on.
    (If your number has changed recently, you'll need to update it in ANZ Internet Banking first.)

  5. 5

    Choose from three ways to pay at any contactless payment terminal:

    • Wake to Pay:
      No need to unlock your phone, just wake and tap.

    • Launch to Pay:
      Launch the ANZ Mobile Pay app. When you see the 'Ready to pay!' banner, just tap.

    • Passcode to Pay:
      Launch the ANZ Mobile Pay app, enter your passcode, then tap.

You're ready for ANZ Mobile Pay! Use it anywhere you can tap and pay.

Got more than one ANZ card?

You can add multiple ANZ credit and debit cards to ANZ Mobile Pay. To change the active card, simply open the app, scroll through the carousel and select the right card.

  • For Wake to Pay, the last card used will remain as the active card, unless you change it.

  • For Launch to Pay and Passcode to Pay, the active card is indicated by a tick.

Manage your money on the go

The ANZ goMoney app icon

ANZ goMoney® is a simple everyday banking app designed for compatible Android and Apple smartphones so you can bank while you're out and about.

  • Just 4 digits and you're logged in
  • Check balances, transfer between linked accounts and pay your BPAY® bills
  • Pay anyone using just their mobile numberSuperscript 1
Find out more about the ANZ goMoney app

Terms and conditions

  1. Terms and conditions apply to the use of ANZ goMoney®. A combined daily transaction limit of $1,000 applies to Pay to Mobile transactions. Recipients require an account with an Australian financial institution to receive or collect payments.

ANZ goMoney and goMoney are registered trademarks of ANZ.

BPAY is registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 ­079 ­137 ­518

Terms and conditions apply to the use of Mobile Pay.

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