Stay on the move with this easy new way to pay, anywhere that accepts contactless payments.

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The simple bit

Now you can pay on the run, thanks to Fitbit Pay. Make payments straight from your compatible Fitbit device with your eligible ANZ card and keep track of recent transactions on your Fitbit™ app.

A secure fit

As surely as Fitbit counts your steps, at ANZ we take steps to make sure your card number is never shared with the merchant. Plus, you have the added security of ANZ Falcon™ and ANZ Fraud Money Back GuaranteeSuperscript 1.

Lost your card?

Don’t worry, a lost or stolen card won’t knock you off your stride. We can securely replace your credit or debit card straight to your compatible Fitbit deviceSuperscript 2. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, with ANZ you can keep moving.

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Fitbit Pay Setup Information

Get up to speed. Set up Fitbit Pay today.

Download the latest version of the Fitbit app on your smartphone. Here are the simple steps to set up Fitbit Pay.

  1. 1 On your compatible iOS or Android smartphone, open the Fitbit app, making sure you also have your compatible Fitbit device nearby.

  2. 2 Tap on the device icon and then select the Wallet tile.

  3. 3 Enter your card details for us to verify you. You’ll need to have a 4-digit PIN set up on your compatible Fitbit device. You can add multiple cards to the Wallet and choose one to use on your compatible Fitbit device.

  4. 4 Read and accept the ANZ with Fitbit Pay Terms and Conditions.

  5. 5 For security purposes, we may ask you to call us; or we may send you a verification code via SMS.

Not with ANZ?

Want to get moving with Fitbit Pay today? See our range of eligible ANZ cards.

Explore our cards

Fitbit Pay can be used with a wide range of ANZ debit and credit cards

  • ANZ Access Visa Debit
  • ANZ Balance Visa
  • ANZ Business Visa Debit
  • ANZ Business One
  • ANZ Business One Black
  • ANZ First
  • ANZ First Low Interest
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Visa
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Visa (Private Bank)
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Visa
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Visa (Private Bank)
  • ANZ Platinum
  • ANZ Rewards Visa
  • ANZ Rewards Black Visa
  • ANZ Rewards Platinum Visa
  • ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Visa
  • ANZ Corporate Card
  • ANZ Visa Purchasing Card

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions apply to the use of Fitbit Pay.

Fitbit Pay is available on compatible devices and for use with eligible ANZ cards. View the list of eligible cards.

  1. ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee - you won't be liable for fraudulent transactions on your ANZ cards, provided you didn't contribute to the loss and you notify ANZ promptly of the fraud.
  2. Available if your card is currently loaded onto your digital wallet.

ANZ Falcon is a trademark of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522. Falcon is a trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation.

Fitbit and the Fitbit logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Fitbit, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

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